Keyun network operation team told you the 15 major misunderstandings of taobao operation through train

 Marketing     |      2018-11-16 15:33
Myth 1: the through train feels tall, unprofessional and has a high technical content.
Reading: express is just a way of saying taobao, like jingdong is called fuel-efficient treasure (jingdong always love the unintelligent taobao) actually namely you pay someone to help you distributing leaflets, one is traditional leaflets need offline personnel manual, and train are you please distribute leaflets on taobao website, taobao system so simple, can do have high technical content.

Myth 2: the store must be made with the help of a through train.
Unscramble: actually also not quite, through train is nothing more than hair small advertisement lets a person know you have this product, when the somebody else comes to your shop hind as to clinch a deal not to clinch a deal that get another say. On the other hand, even if there is no through train, as long as your product is good enough and unique in the market, it will sell well. Many people will be opened to traffic or the role of the flow exaggerated, the whole to inquire about dry goods, on the end. Operation, operation, mainly product operation.
Myth no. 3: the more products the better.
Interpretation: in fact, many stores are due to the low price of a product hot style introduced into the flow, through other profit products to gain earnings. A lot of people ask our division cloud engineer why the through train promotion is not effective, I usually first ask him a sentence "how many products did you push? The answer is usually ten or twenty or thirty. Then I would ask him again, "you haven't done a good job with one product. Is it possible to do more than a dozen products at the same time?" When asked two questions he understood them pretty well.

Myth no. 4: the more words the better.
Interpretation: in fact, the core of the train and the core algorithm of taobao is the accurate products, recommended to the precise needs of customers, taobao is a moral, it is also not willing to see you spend a lot of promotion expenses without transformation, taobao algorithm engineers have also been diligently study how to make the product can correspond to the front of the person in need. As for wu bofan's opinion on reading, "reading should start from thin to thick, and then from thick to thin", so did the through train. The word through train should also be a process from less to more to addition, and then from more to less to subtraction. Many people start with 10 plans and add 500 words, and the results are difficult to optimize. At the beginning, a small number of words were added to optimize the click-through rate of the promotion chart, page optimization and quality score. After these data were almost the same, more words were added. After reaching a certain stage goal, the unreasonable words were gradually reduced. It is possible to start with 1-10 words, with hundreds of words in the middle and only a few words left in the later period. Do not want to be reluctant to delete words, traffic is not more the better, I am a period of time to delete some traffic, not only paid traffic to delete some, and for conversion rate, free traffic I will also delete some.
Myth 5: the lower the unit price of a through train click, the better.
Unscramble: money to buy some junk traffic words express words is a big to the harm of the store, because taobao detection shops stand or fall of an important indicator is the conversion rate, which is the core of taobao algorithm, word you spend low price to buy a lot of junk traffic, not only to store the weight didn't help, indeed is serious damage to the direct system. Secco cloud web team has been planning a hospital bidding baidu account, the highest click on the unit price is 350 yuan, offer more than 50 didn't show, but the hospital still willing to do such a keyword, the reason is very simple, because of the conversion, output ratio is high, the average 5 words can be turned into a client, you know, the hospital how much profit space.

Myth 6: the through train is full of big words and hot words.
Interpretation: before preparing to launch, we need to make a plan for the launch by combining the goal of the stage of title optimization and our own financial resources. First, we should establish a firm foothold in some low competitive words and gain certain sales volume and natural flow. As for how to control the pace, the conversion rate is also a standard of judgment. If your conversion rate is higher than that of your previous competitors, it is promising for you to increase your investment there, otherwise it will only be a waste of money. If you put big words in the beginning, you may lose a lot in the early days, or if the quality score goes down, it will be difficult to get up. Of course, there are also a few big words on the word hot word tuhao, need to be very well prepared, small and medium sellers do not fit.
Myth 7: the higher the ROI of the through train, the better.
Interpretation: investment through train is more important in order to obtain the ranking, and then to obtain the main traffic flow, which is the majority of traffic. In the current environment, it is unrealistic to expect to make much money on the through train. Even if it can be made, it will not make much. What we need to make is the money collected by main traffic and old customers. To give a simple example, you can make 300 yuan if you invest 100 yuan into the through train. If you invest 200 yuan into the through train, you can make 500 yuan. You think which input method you will choose depends on the situation.

Myth 8: the more traffic, the better
Interpretation: in fact, it is not. As mentioned above, the core of taobao operation is to recommend needed products to people who need them, that is, to make accurate traffic. If the flow is not accurate, the more the flow, the higher the promotion cost, and the more energy the client spends to deal with the waste, thus wasting the company's financial and material resources. 

Myth 9: through train offers range from low to high prices.
Read: this is the method that most people use, a lot of early do through train person is to do so all the time come over, compare insurance, in order to avoid foretime deficit too much. Many people's practice is to add a lot of words, first low price and then gradually increase, in fact, more and more incommensurate, mainly because:
1. Quality score factors: word more low price tactics, means that is not accurate, also means that you every word is very difficult to get the good position, clickthrough rate, quality, also scored late optimization will be more and more difficult, so it is better to start with a small number of words, and the price is good, the position of quality score up, add another word, one plus one good quality score.
2. Factors of time cost and selection risk: for big hot style, the early-stage through train loss is not the main factor to be considered, but the risk of fund selection, order collection and time cost are the most concerned. Therefore, it is necessary to buy more traffic at the early stage and get more accurate test results. If you choose the wrong model, stop tracking orders in time to reduce the decision-making risk. If you choose the right model, you will be ranked as soon as possible.
Myth 10: the through train should always pay attention to, card position, adjustment, etc.
Interpretation: a lot of shopkeepers, especially those who have a certain sense of the through train, like to pay attention to the through train every day, do not look at it, do not adjust their hearts feel uneasy. On the one hand, the spending of the through train is real and controllable. On the other hand, I was worried that the adjustment of the opponents would be bad for me. In fact, the through train did not change so quickly. A week or two of starting a test may require daily adjustments. After the test period, it's ok to look at it for three or four days or a week.
Myth # 11: Tmall will be better than taobao.
Interpretation: actually otherwise, Tmall and taobao positioning completely different, taobao is to do a small and beautiful products, Tmall flagship brand. Many customers know that the price of Tmall will be higher than taobao, but some buyers will deliberately find taobao sellers to buy products. Of course, Tmall stores have annual fees, taobao traffic support is relatively more.

Myth # 12: the 11/11 bidding strategy is to raise the price first and to lower it at 11/11
Interpretation: this behavior is very shameful, even if taobao mechanism is not managed, play smart sooner or later will suffer great losses, life and work should be based on sincerity. After saying that taobao has all sales data of a product, if such operation taobao will reduce the right to the store, and in serious cases, the store will be deducted points
Myth 13: to run taobao well, you need to do it by brushing
Interpretation: taobao also has been grasping brush orders, not only has systematic detection, and some brush on the platform installed spies to brush orders behavior, serious cases will directly close the shop, so want to only brush orders, is not feasible
Myth no. 14: you should never do a good job with taobao
Interpretation: in fact for new stores, new products taobao brush single mechanism is not strict, this time call friends to buy its brush is better than a single call to optimize the user experience, we all know that buying products on taobao, if a comment is no impulse purchase will decrease greatly, so now brush list just to do some optimization on the user experience. It is human nature to say that the normal purchase of goods is not good unless it is unexpected, but only slightly unsatisfactory, so we need to dilute the abnormal human nature by brushing the order properly. But then again, if we're over 30 percent, that's a good idea.

Myth 15: after the buyer initiated the sale must pass the offline or WeChat counter, call the buyer receive the goods praise is the king way
Interpretation: in fact, it is not, we all know that the risk is high, buyers get a refund can continue to apply for a refund, all ali department outside the chat transfer taobao will not admit. Besides, taobao also knows that no product can be 100% free from after-sale service, but if it is 100%, it will be monitored by taobao. Proper refund does not affect the weight, but increases it