Taobao operation dry goods sharing: practical talk about how to do taobao operation?

 Marketing     |      2018-11-16 16:06
First of all, what does operation do?
Many people have seen the word in many places, but few understand what it really is. On the Internet, there are a lot of explanations, I use the best understanding of the way to tell you.
Qualified operation, the camp is to master how long a small shop can persist, how many people will pay attention to each day, and how many people pay attention to the people who buy things home. It can be said that every little bit is your life, from small words to sesame size, to the whole layout of planning and so on.
Of course, some small cities may not ask for that much, only asking you to tinker with pictures and change the text. More sophisticated help the boss adjust some data and so on. However, this position is the lifeblood of survival. If you know more about it, you can play better than others. If you know less, you can only drink soup or even give up. How to play this aspect well.
Taobao operation needs to learn a lot of things, here selected categories and sources: women's wear industry, factory supply. Then, the market competition in the women's clothing industry is fierce, and it will be very difficult to do well.
Do business on the net, have source of goods, also should analyse source competitiveness, still have market competition degree. The greater the competition, the more money, high technical requirements, more supply requirements. So judging the degree of market competition is the key.
How to run a good store?
Do taobao, the sellers pay the most attention to no more than two points: traffic and conversion.
Where does traffic come from?
Free traffic, also known as natural search traffic, is the most important traffic for taobao sellers and the most conformable traffic on taobao. So you can imagine how important it is. Main performance in the main map, the title.

Paid traffic, mainly through train delivery, the threshold should be relatively high, you need to have adequate financial support, but also need to have professional data analysis and investment capacity.
There are also certain requirements in terms of product and store optimization, otherwise the fare may be wasted.
Taobao activity, including daily special price, shopping, juhuasheng, but are threshold, general novice shops are not able to participate.
Taobao open shop, traffic is of course important, but the core competitiveness is generally not traffic, but conversion rate capacity.
And the purpose that introduces traffic is to increase the click-through rate of goods, collect add buy rate, raise our conversion rate thereby.
In the past, taobao sellers have been doing a lot of scrubbing, and merchants are looking at the conversion rate of each other's keywords. After my scrubbing, the conversion rate exceeds you, and then the ranking exceeds you.
Now after CCTV exposed the brush order, taobao also upgraded the business staff, turning some data into black boxes, so you can not see, brush no clue.
What factors can affect the click-through rate, bookmark and conversion rate mentioned above?
1. Title:
Anyone who has ever set up a store knows that every keyword is the equivalent of a sales channel, connecting products and customers. It also affects the exposure and click-through rate of our products. As a small seller, the optimal strategy is to choose keywords with relatively small competition and high conversion rate. How to choose? A formula can be referred to below:
Keyword multiplier = daily search popularity/online merchandise volume
The calculated value is greater than or equal to 0.5. Ps: 30 words in the title, use it properly and don't waste it.
2. Main picture:
Master map must be done!!! If you don't understand the main design, two-thirds of your traffic will be cut. Especially in the category of women's clothing, it is literally the business of selling pictures, because customers can't see the real products, they can only choose products through pictures. Take a look at this picture:
Figure 2345 affects the baby conversion rate, the same should be noted. A formula:
Mobile diao conversion rate =2345 figure + baby evaluation + details page
3. Details page:
The first screen of detail page must solve the core questions of customers. For women's clothing, you can also use the combination of copywriting and pictures to impress customers with the content.
Also can give the buyer certain discount or gift of course (main picture + detailed page to perform), to guide the buyer to collect add buy, raise collect add buy rate, raise the popularity weight of baby thereby.
4. Baby evaluation and asking everyone:
High quality baby reviews relate to the following:
1) active evaluation
2) map share
3) review proportion
4) reply from the shop owner (no need to reply thank you, reply product differentiation. Focus: product features, usage, services, etc.)
5) label words with more impressions in the evaluation
5. Common software recommendations
In taobao operation process, will inevitably use some tools, mostly from taobao own service market.
The tools required at different stages of operation are different. Here are some of the store's must-have and marketing tools:
(1) necessary tools:
Order software: service market order, find the contact point, can improve order efficiency;
Business advisor: serve the market order, adjust the strategy according to the data analysis; It's an important tool.
Customer service management, coupons/matching packages;
Pay: service market order, including credit card, spend bai, stage, have threshold, can open must open;
Taobao wangpu/wireless video: service market order, official weight, promotion conversion.
(2) marketing tools:
Wireless treasure box: serve the market to order, can lead customers to pay attention to the store, post-micro-shopping marketing, collection of red envelopes and other functions;
SMS: service market order, delivery and arrival notice, increase customer viscosity;
Marketing center: the left side bar of the seller center, a comprehensive official marketing gadget. (see below)
A lot of friends did half, do not go down, reason what all have, someone say oneself are busy, have no time. Some say it's too difficult.
To sum up, it is nothing but that I can't play in this field. I always complain that no one comes to me, sometimes one or two come to see me for a few seconds and then go away. In fact, mastering operation and management is not to understand its methods, but to master a way of thinking.
When to do something, you can't say someone asked you to brush a few, and then you go. Where someone asked you to change the picture, you changed it again.
Over time, there was a paste in his head. Master eye, the operation of any point is to have exquisite. You can go to a group that I learned at that time to learn, only read some so-called words of things, to tell the truth, I think not useful.
Of course, if you want to learn, put it all together, if you think it's no use, don't go.
After all, if you're not serious about learning something and just want me to go in and have a chat or something, don't waste your time. Anyway, I don't think it's bad for me to learn more these days.
Some friends may say, I look for books to read, do not learn by myself? Of course, but according to my previous experience, some of the common sense technology of the Internet, just by reading a book or something, it is difficult to keep up with the pace, in plain English, walking and then falling behind.
What is the reason that many people can't learn and can't do well?
A lot of people are getting into it, but most give up halfway. The reason is nothing but doing it for a long time.
It's not that they don't fit, it's just that they don't find the right direction. I used to go to school, reading books and doing exercises was a better way to learn, but now it is different. The Internet is a rapidly changing field.
As long as the knowledge of network is involved, we need to be updated from time to time. It cannot be said that we should rely on some old data, and some methods in it, most of which are out of date, and out of date equals mistakes. We have learned the wrong methods, and it is hard to do them even though we are smart and fit.
Opinion: don't believe in any pie in the sky
I know many new friends will be interested in some automated software nowadays. These things are said to be amazing, what can be done with a single key.
In fact, there is no software for automatic operation. If you want to do it well, you can do it by yourself. At best, you can look at the data and make some basic optimization judgment based on the data. If you can't even move your hands and rely on a machine for everything, it's not very reliable. What do you think?
Is it the last train or?
Many people say it's the last train, others say it's no good anymore. Both of these statements are deeply delaying the many who want to do the store, hesitating month after month, year after year.
It can only be said that in the field of e-commerce, some technologies and methods will be innovated every once in a while. Therefore, there is no such thing as the last bus. If you work hard enough, you can make yourself rich.
No art basics, no computer basics, what to do?
Many of my friends are in this situation, so when someone says something cold, they immediately wither and lose any confidence.
No matter be to learn art work or other, need not what art foundation at all, difficult not impossible also let you learn a Da Vinci to draw an egg with the mouse? Or will you use a computer to draw an impressionistic picture?
Learn the most basic code knowledge, learn to design pictures, learn how to operate their own small shop, enough, I have seen a lot of no foundation, still do very good. Is the so - called drowning is water, do not have the foundation does not matter, modest study, what problem is not.
Many people claim to be able to teach you, credible?
We often can see, in all sorts of places, is one of the most asked question, whatever it is, there is always below the kind of people, say on a lot of, have no a useful, basically is to infuse water, then with the brainwashed with you, say what I did how long how long, do you have any questions to ask me directly. I'm sure a lot of people have seen it.
All I can say is that a person with something in his or her stomach can solve the problem for you in one or two sentences, and you won't bother to ask him or her alone.
To ask by yourself is to hand over money to you for more of this sort. Do you want me to tell you about it? If they're doing really well, do they have time to talk to you here?
Master a lot, oneself can?
Many people have read many articles and seen many people who know everything. In fact, the people who really play well will not have the time to write long paragraphs of articles for you to read, and then let you transfer to here and there.
Those are actually half a bottle of vinegar, know a little theory, and then do their own, but not done, out of the confusion. So-called now more and more difficult to do, need to look for generation to operate etc. And so on words, is bullshit.
The good ones are still making money, and the new ones are being lured into the traps they create.
Why do we always do badly?
There are many reasons why you can't do it well. The most important one is not that you didn't work hard, nor that you didn't learn, but that you didn't learn the right thing at all. Look here and look there, plus a lot of friends are not very good at it, so what happens is you pick up something that you're interested in and you learn to do it a little bit.
In fact, to be a good shop, we need a set of steps in order, not to see where to do.
Thinking plate:
Why I say thinking, is the same as above, you have a set of thinking, you are not afraid of no methods, and have the ability to draw inferences. We have to learn the basics, but we can't keep learning. We have to innovate.
Only what you innovate can't be easily imitated by others, but what you learn can be learned by others. With so many people learning, the methods simply don't work. Speaking of which, I don't understand it.
Be realistic:
After all that, just say something practical. How do we become the best in the eyes of others in a short time? The first step is to learn how to let people find you.
So when you learn something, you don't have to look at it, even if it's something that appeals to you, how much you want to learn it, because it affects your rhythm. Yes, there is a rhythm to learning.
The second step is how to get people to buy. To put it bluntly, this aspect is something of transformation and transformation. Same old thing, totally learned, go to step three. The above also Shared, here I am not a single item to go down, after all too much.