With seo thinking to choose the domain name site is half the success

 Marketing     |      2018-11-16 15:44
For the website, the choice of domain name is particularly important, some people do not pay too much attention to these, think website content is the key, this domain name literally found a brand pinyin became. Actually, the choice of domain name still has many hall, weave the dream tutorial net in the high-end website construction, often will take seo thought to choose domain name.
(1) give priority to brands
Good domain name will not put the industry words in it, take baidu for example, the literal look and "search engine" has nothing to do with, can be the leading position in the domestic search field. It can be seen that brand name and industry name are more important, some large companies are based on the brand name to determine the domain name.
(2) renewal cycle of domain name
Actually, the renewal cycle of domain name has certain influence on website ranking. Objectively speaking, the longer the domain renewal cycle, the longer the length of time the webmaster spends on the site.
(3) the suffix of the domain name
Some domain names naturally give sites a high weight, such as the familiar.gov/.edu. Of course, only eligible people can register this domain name. We can choose international general, such as. Net/.com/.cn and so on.
(4) time of birth of domain name
An old domain name is more valuable, domain name registration earlier, the more favorable to the website ranking. This is why some webmasters like to buy old domain names to build the site.
(5) time of first collection
Friends with seo experience should know that the first time domain names are included by search engines is very important. Some old domain names do not resolve, the search engine will not be included content. Although it is impossible to know the exact time of domain name collection by the search engine, it is possible to use the Internet archive to check the historical content of the website, which is of reference value.
(6) the domain name contains keywords
For English websites, they usually choose domain names based on keywords, which will have a certain impact on Google ranking. Because the keyword form of the domain name itself has the effect of promoting the ranking, when someone reposts the article, it is made the keyword anchor text.