The branch cloud network offers you to let baidu collect your website in time to get good ranking

 website     |      2018-11-18 14:35
Recently, many Internet users have been private about the cloud network xiao, asked how to improve the site's inclusion, access to a better ranking. In fact, baidu is also a company, and baidu also needs to keep acquiring website information and continuously enriching their database. In the massive websites, the selected content can be displayed to every user who needs it. Therefore, please don't overdo yourself to please baidu and go to taobao.

However, the following questions need to be paid more attention to when making websites and publishing content
Before the website goes online, all the content that needs to be filled should be filled, some irrelevant content should also be modified to some extent, "title, keywords, description" and other related content should also be set, and the content should not be modified repeatedly after the website goes online, otherwise it will be included in the assessment period of baidu, which is not conducive to website optimization.
First: after the content of the website is complete and launched, the news and information piece should be updated frequently. However, please do not copy and paste it directly from other websites. If the knowledge reserve is not sufficient, you can update an article in two or three days. Articles can be updated like baidu to submit links to articles, to increase the probability of inclusion.
Two: how to let baidu collect website
After the launch of the new website, some external links can be published first. There are also many platforms, which can be updated on the platform. In addition, the website should be submitted to check whether the robots are in the open state.
Three: how to make baidu site included
Exchange links, links in the process of optimization, included also played a big role, so we want to exchange links, but must pay attention to the exchange, to normal, and included a snapshot aren't normal and punishment warned swapping site, and industry relevance, best don't casually.
In addition, we should also pay attention to the keyword and the stability of the server. When updating the article, the keyword density should not be too high, otherwise it will cause the pile of keywords. In addition, we should pay attention to the stability of the server. We should make sure that the website can open normally, and the speed can follow. If the opening speed is too slow, it will increase the rate of visitor jumping and affect the overall effect of the website.
Site inclusion optimization is a long-term problem, so we must adhere to the early new station in the ranking will appear unstable phenomenon, do not worry, regular update and maintenance, long time to adhere to the weight, ranking will slowly come up.
How to make baidu site included