Keyun network information to you to understand the promotion of the professional and amateur differences

 Marketing     |      2018-11-16 15:34

The difference between a professional and an amateur operation is not just one of whose skills are better, but many more. Take taobao operation, also has a lot of part-time job of taobao sellers, you can't say no part-time sellers one day sales professional high, especially in the network, the design of the industry, for a day's performance, many part-time sellers may not be less than professional sellers, there may be a big customer's performance may be one day more than 10000, but the occupation is not on the same day of the largest sales volume, but, with the lowest protection needs to ensure that every sales, professional operation, of course, also will meet some day there is no traffic, no transformation, but in the case of no conversion flow can find the direction of efforts, And for the amateur operation is basically waiting for a miracle to appear, complaining, often unable to control their emotions. Next, we will summarize the characteristics of professional network operation and amateur network operation.
1. Ability to obtain orders
Amateur is not cannot gain customer through network operation, but cannot obtain customer continuously, and professional network operation can introduce traffic and customer continuously.
2. Ability to remedy
As long as the human will have mistakes, professional network operation also has a losing strategy, but they can always be a perfect end to the crisis. I once heard a saying that professional golfers are very close again. Amateurs are most afraid of sandpit balls, while professionals are best at sandpit balls. This fully illustrates their ability to handle difficult ball positions. Everything happens on the court. We can never just play on the ground. It can happen on the hill, on the hill, on the sand pit, on the bushes. Improving your practice on difficult positions can be a great help to amateur players because it may save you several shots in a game.

3. Emotional control
Emotions will also have a great impact on the performance. In the process of operation and promotion, professional network operation can control their emotions well. They rarely lose their temper when a promotion strategy fails, or become complacent about one day getting a big client and try to operate in a more peaceful manner. But the industry network operation people often can not control their emotions very well, the most common complaint, arrogant, then affected the subsequent strategy. Learning to control our emotions can make us think more calmly and play a normal operating level.
4. Thinking mode
Let's take professional golfers for example. When standing on the tee, professional golfers will have at least two batting strategies in mind, and they will choose one after weighing the pros and cons. Most amateur players have only one game, or no strategy at all. The difference between one who is prepared, and the other who is largely unprepared, will naturally produce different results. If you want to play like a pro and catch a bird, you have to learn the way they think, how to choose the cue, how to attack the green and so on.