Cloud network tells you to do the website's small secret, the opportunistic affirmation does not do good thing

 website     |      2018-11-16 15:35
Thank you for your trust, so that the store from scratch to grow. But too much gratitude is a bit of a melodramatic, a bit of a sycophantic sourness, so I want to say something true, even if it doesn't go down well with you.
Customers with the following ACTS please detour, our store does not receive!


1. If you have illegal and criminal ACTS, you will not receive them. Although the shop is small, it is still not poor enough to live on the basis of illegal and criminal activities.
No matter you are a big company or a small team, our relationship is equal to each other. We give money to others for doing things. We spend money for profit.
3, those who take advantage of opportunism do not receive, those who think that putting in a few hundred dollars can make your money rolling in, that you might as well buy a god of wealth, kowtow to pray every day. Either pay more or contribute more. There is no way to save money and effort for a layman.
The words above are not fair, but they are not offensive. The following gives you the introduction of the current establishment of the industry some basic practices, why online pricing let people see dazzling?
1. The industry kaiyuan system, which is mainly used by programmers, is now widely used by dede, empire, discuz, ecshop and destoon. The source code that so-called can offer low price inside taobao is these new century system only, these systems have copyright charge, and manage website is more troublesome, to a person that does not know a program to manage is very arduous. Its advantage also has of course: does not need cost to be able to obtain the website source code.
2. Cloud station system, which is mainly used by people who do not know the procedures. For commercial reasons, no company has published the source code of the station system. This kind of web page is basically written in js, so you can customize almost all elements of the page through the background, including pictures, text, colors, fonts, and so on. Advantages: low price, simple operation, quick construction; Cons: no source code, chaotic code structure.
3, custom website, this is too much, for some novice may be directly using PHP, for small companies will use TP, CI, YII, the Zend Framework, for some big companies like baidu, ali, sina will have their own special architecture, so have some said "as long as you have to do is completely according to taobao," I just want to say "at the beginning of the calves are not afraid of the tiger". This approach is from scratch to the problem of copyright, compared to the operation basically can be individually to the customer demand is also more convenient, there are disadvantages, namely the development cost is relatively high.
At the end of a lot of customers concern about the problem, there is no source code site. Actually do medium and small business website to say source code actually not important, have source code just is a kind of psychological placebo, why? The boss basically can't use (if can use, also should not use), the boss of a lot of central business enterprise is not do program, even if get source code, basically throw in computer D disk, the dream that one day hire a programmer to manage this thing to him; Well, the problem is, if you're spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on things that cost a few hundred dollars, it's certainly not worth it. So you might say, when the time comes in big companies are not afraid to please people, words are the words that in big company website architecture is definitely not the same, you like to give you a can hold 10 rabbit cage, one day you're in big companies, the rabbit, you will put the original cages expand afresh, and will be back in a cage. So the placebo doesn't work, it's just comforting your tiny heart!