Is it necessary to do a MIP site when the server and DNS are all improving?

 website     |      2018-11-16 15:38
Mip is an optimized product launched by baidu in the mobile terminal, but at present, there are various technologies to improve the speed of the website. For example, the CDN acceleration in each province of aliyun's server has been very comprehensive, telecom, mobile and other operators are also making continuous efforts, and the broadband network speed is also continuously improved. Is mip station really useful?
Secco cloud network engineer to do your analysis of the absolute, for now, most of the baidu keyword flow are derived from the mobile search, so many people have started mobile site, or even a friend has been looking for channels to build their own mobile mip site, but due to technical issues, many sites did not finish, so small make up today to share dreams to establish mip site plan, this plan will not affect their mobile site, also won't affect your PC site.

Before setting up the mip site, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the mip site. After reading this, you will definitely have the impulse to set up the mip site.
1. Compared with ordinary sites, mip sites have more advantages in ranking. If a site foundation is completed, it can basically reach second ranking.
2. The speed of website opening is relatively faster than that of ordinary websites. Everyone knows that mip sites have removed a lot of JS effects, while the effect of mobile sites on the speed is basically JS effects.
3. The icon of lightning appears in the search results, as shown above. This icon actually tells the user that your site opens very quickly, so there is an icon similar to lightning.
4. The URL becomes baidu's URL and the content becomes baidu's URL, so that the user looks more official and has high credibility, but it is also very troublesome to modify. It's a strength and a weakness.
So a few key benefits are on top of that, of course the people who are building the site want to have an advantage in the ranking, and the mip site does have a very big advantage in the ranking. Operation and how to request it.

Requirements and tools:
1. The encoding format of utf-8 must be, if not, please transcode.
2. Mip documentation and Mip code verification tool. (
3. Mip site should be a separate domain name, and second-level domain name operation is recommended. On the one hand, it does not affect the mobile site or PC site, and the same database can be used.
As for whether to choose mip station or not, if you have limited energy, then you do not need to do mip station, if time is abundant then you can properly optimize, because after all is the product of baidu, the weight assigned by baidu will be slightly higher than the website without mip station, but after all, there are many factors of seo ranking of the website. Anyhow is act according to ability!