The Internet company tells you about breadcrumb navigation

 website     |      2018-11-16 15:40
Breadcrumb navigation is derived from the fairy tale story of hansel using breadcrumbs to record his way home. Based on this story, we can know that it means to let the user clearly know where he is on the website and find the way back to the homepage of the website. Every website that AB templates net builds has breadcrumbs to navigate, and today let the dream weave template net tell you about breadcrumbs to navigate.
1. It reflects the hierarchical structure of the website and is convenient for users to operate.
Breadcrumb navigation gives users a clear view of how the site's content is organized, providing access back to each level. Especially for large websites with a lot of grading, users can find the information they need easily, and the improvement of user experience is obvious.
Second, reduce the website exit rate.
Breadcrumb navigation can induce users to conduct in-depth browsing after they enter the website. For example, I saw an article of weaved dream template website on the search engine. After clicking on the website, I found other interesting content through breadcrumb navigation.
Third, more conducive to seo optimization.
Breadcrumb navigation not only does not occupy the web space, but also is very beneficial to the construction of the website's internal chain, so that the spider can just crawl along the link, increase the website's collection, improve the weight and ranking, and promote the realization of seo goals. User experience is not as high as it is on the website itself.